On this weeks’ WI DON Council’s Support Call, a statement was made, “What did I even do before COVID?” 

The statement was so thought-provoking. COVID seems to have taken over our lives and seeps into every thought and decision that we make at home and work. 

This week we celebrate Nurses’ Week.  It is the Year of the Nurse in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale.  As I hear many of my nursing colleagues struggle with the new normal that COVID has brought to our facilities, please don’t forget what drew you to the nursing career. The desire to care for people with our technical ability, critical thinking skills, and healing touch is an extraordinary calling.     

I encourage everyone during this Nurses’ Week to spend a few minutes doing something that replenishes your soul. 

Perform those tasks or functions that bring you joy in your work life.  Be proud of the dedication, compassion, and selflessness that you share.   Laugh a lot! Celebrate a little!

During Nurses’ Week, be the “Lady with the Lamp” and seek out the thing you love!

Take a moment to love being a NURSE

Happy Nurses’ Week.  

Joey Pettis BSN, RN, WCC, DNS-MT
Executive Director 
Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council – Education Forum, Inc.