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2023 Nursing Home Survey Process: Preparing for Success

Who doesn’t tidy up their home when you are having company over? This 2023 Update, 1.5-hour webinar is a refreshing reminder on how to implement a compliance plan so you can manage the survey and not let the survey manage you. 

Learner Outcomes: As a result of this presentation the participant will be able to: 

  • Implement process improvements to better prepare for a survey
  • Identify areas to better manage the survey and not let the survey manage you.
  • Develop a meaningful plan of correction should a survey citation occur.
  • Define state and federal regulations 

All-Hands on Deck for Resident Happiness: Rethinking Your Approach to Customer Service

Presented Live: March 22, 2023 | Noon – 1pm cst

You might ask yourself, how can we possibly add any additional duties to our day-to-day practices? However, a well-designed customer service program is not only the foundation for building trusting relationships with residents and families, but when a system can be fully implemented, it can enhance resident satisfaction and reduce the risk of a complaint survey. We are not talking about a good form to collect a grievance, but a philosophy of service embraced by multiple departments and team members.

Building an Effective Skin Integrity Program

This 6-part series Jeri Lundgren, RN, BSN, PHN, CWS, CWCN, CPT,  President,  Senior Providers Resource to provide a six-part educational series that will help your team with the goal to provide clinicians with the knowledge, skills, and resources to build a sustainable skin management program in your organization.

Clinical System Survival – Previously recorded