On March 30, 2016 Gov. Walker signed into law Wisconsin Act 328.

The law allows for the issuing a specialty license plate for nurses. The proceeds from the license plate will go to a fund called the Wisconsin Nurses’ Education Fund, that will be established by the Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives. The distribution of funds would be determined by an Advisory Council of the Nurses’ Education Fund comprised of several Nursing Organizations.

The anticipated cost of the plate is $40.00; there will be a $15.00 issuance fee and $25.00 annual donation to the Wisconsin Nurses’ Education Fund. The  license plate is expected to be available for purchase next year.

Thank all of our members who contacted their legislator asking for support.  Your voice made a difference!

To view Wisconsin Act 328 please go to:  http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/document/acts/2015/328