We welcome your active involvement and invite you to participate in our educational events, provide articles for our newsletters, visit the rest of our website and join our working committees.

Become a Board Member

If you would like to become a board member, please contact us for details.

Become a Task Force Chair

If you would like to take on a short-term task force project please contact us for details.

We are currently looking for task force chairs in the following areas:

  • Technology – develop proposals for upgrading and developing resources needed to our membership (Time Commitment: est. 5 hours)
  • Website – Monitor, review and develop discussion boards and website links to make sure timely responses are given and updates are made.  (Time commitment: 1-1.5 hours per month)

Develop your own.  Tell us your idea! Propose what resources of time and people you might need, and how it would benefit the membership.  The Board will review it and you’ll be set to go.

Give a Presentation

Would you like to give a presentation at one of our workshops or symposiums? Please contact us for more information.  A speaker proposal form is available upon request at Melissa(at)wi-don-council.org.

Write an Article

We are looking for informative articles for our newsletters.  If you would like to contribute please contact us.

Host a Peer-to-Peer Conference Connection

Join our monthly conference call or create specific Peer-to-Peer conference groups to tackle specific issues.

1. Provide WDONC with the topic, date, time, and location. We’ll promote it for you!

  • No fees! There are no registration fees to worry about collecting – this is a chance for members to come together and benefit from their WDONC connections!

2. Think about issues or hot topics that you are observing that you need help with.

  • Prepare a couple of questions to take with you to your P2P Connection. The best part? You don’t have to have the answers – conversations, exchange of ideas, and many minds will help produce answers or vision. It may even provoke some additional questions that will produce more Peer-to-Peer Connections!

3. Host your Peer-to-Peer Conference Connections

  • Ask and answer those hot, pressing questions that you and your colleagues have.
  • Discuss ways to be more proactive and efficient in your problem solving.
  • Learn from what others are trying – or want to try.

4. Share what you learned in with WDONC and on our discussion board.

5. Repeat and learn more!