July 18, 2015

RE:  DON-CLTC Credential Partnering for a Stronger Future

It was announced on July 8, 2015 that the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC) has purchased the assets of the American Association of Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN).  We have been told that this partnership with AANAC will work to provide a unified DON-CLTC credential and will provide the credentials for AALTCN.

The WI Director of Nursing Council (WDONC) believes this announcement is a positive step for the recognition of and collaboration with long term care nursing professionals.

We understand that this does leave a few unanswered questions.  We have done our best to answer as many as we could; however, if you have a question not listed, please ask!  We’d love to address things we may have missed.

  •  How will this change my DON-CLTC credential?   
    Nothing will change! Your DON-CLTC credential will still be recognized by AALTCN and in early 2016 will be recognized by a new merged entity created by AALTCN and AANAC. This is anticipated to make the credential stronger than ever and more widely recognized.
  • Will I keep the same letters for the credential? 
    Yes.  Your credential will continue to be DON-CLTC
  • Will WDONC be able to report our educational hours to AANAC? 
    That is to be determined. It is always best to keep records of in-person or online educational offerings you attend.  If you need a copy of your credits with the WI Director of Nursing Council, please contact Melissa.
  • What type, and how many, educational credits will I need to renew my DON-CLTC credential?   
    Previously, you needed 24 educational credit hours to renew your DON-CLTC every three years.  If your renewal is coming in the next 6 months our understanding is that will not change.  We’ll keep you posted on developments.
  • Who will I pay my renewal dues to?  
    The partnership is currently being discussed. We will keep you posted as your renewal comes due. For those renewing in 2015 it will completed by AALTCN.
  • What will it cost to renew my credential?  
    We’re sorry to say that this, too, is still in discussion.  In 2015, AALTCN will mail your renewal.
  • What will happen to the Long Term Care Nursing Leadership Course?
    Nothing!  We will continue to host the course and will work with AALTCN and AANAC to ensure our curriculum meets the needs of the credentialing exam of both organizations.
  • What will happen to AALTCN? 
    Nothing. It will remain as an association for long term care nursing but be stronger in presence and offerings due to the collaboration of the two major LTC nursing associations.

An excerpt of AANAC’s statement is attached.  Here is a link to AANAC’s website if you are interested in reading their statement:


Overall, this is a positive step to further the education and support of LTC nursing professionals, and the Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council is excited to see the benefits of this partnership.


Joey Pettis, RN, WCC, DWC, DON-CLTC  Executive Director, WI Director of Nursing Council – Educational Forum, Inc.






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An excerpt from AANAC.com: 


AANAC Acquires Assets of Nursing Association and Publisher


Denver, Colo. July 8, 2015 – The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC) has purchased the assets of the American Association of Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) and the Health Education Network (HEN), publisher of all educational materials made available through AALTCN. As part of AANAC, AALTCN will continue to provide nursing resources, benefits, and website access to its members.


“The AALTCN board has decided that it’s in the best interest of the LTC nursing profession to work with AANAC as one organization on one recognized DON certification and educational program,” explains Charlotte Eliopoulos, RN, MPH, ND, PhD, executive director of AALTCN. Eliopoulos will continue as executive director of AALTCN while working with AANAC to refine the body of knowledge for clinical nurse leaders, develop a leadership certification program, and coordinate advocacy efforts to address nursing issues at the national level.

In May, AANAC convened 23 nursing and long-term care leaders to discuss key challenges confronting the LTC nursing profession.  “It became clear after the Nurse Leadership Summit that it is imperative for the leaders in our field to speak with one voice in matters of policy and regulation,” explains Diane Carter, RN, MSN, RAC-CT, C-NE, FAAN, president and CEO of AANAC.


Peter Arbuthnot, AANAC board chair, agrees, “The board of directors of AANAC believes this acquisition will provide the means to bring nurse leaders together, to create a much needed common voice for the profession, and to serve the almost 20,000 long-term care nurses and professionals we will now represent.”