Long-Term Care Nursing Leadership Course is offered in-person with virtual sessions required.
Coming in June 2024
Skills, knowledge, and mindset are required for skilled nursing and assisted living settings. This leadership course was designed to enhance nursing leadership confidence and competence by providing tools, overviews, and resources by content experts.

The purpose of this program is to meet the challenges of long-term care as they arise with strategies to excel during surveys using tested best practices. Apply a team approach to quality improvement that honors resident preferences and leverages staff skills. Protect your residents with risk-management plans that adhere to current compliance standards. Promote communication and participation to prevent burnout and minimize facility turnover. Comply with human resource regulations, laws, and challenges no matter the situation.

The WI DON Council has brought together individuals who are experts in the field. The Long-Term Care Leadership Course provides the base knowledge to manage and lead the three key concepts: Nurse Leadership, Clinical Practice/Compliance, and Budget Management.

Leadership: Leadership skills are essential to the successful management of staff, clinical situation, and system implementation.

 Clinical Practice/Compliance: Clinical skills are refined and mastered during this formal education process.

 Budget management: Fiscal responsibility is the only way each of our facilities can survive in the cost-conscious environment. This course will provide tools and knowledge concerning reimbursement, staffing, and supply/inventory costs.

Updates to the Long-Term Care Nursing Course include the addition of regulations related to the oversight of assisted living facilities. 

This workshop will complement your nursing expertise with leadership and management skills to help you discover your true potential.
This course is not offering a credential at this time. 
Core Curriculum COMING SOON