DQA Memo RE: Recalled Strawberries

    WI Dept. of Health Services has requested we post information regarding the Nationwide Frozen Strawberry recall. (11/7/16) Update re: Nationwide Recall of Frozen Strawberries On November 3, 2016 the Division of Public Health (DPH) sent notification on this listserv regarding a nationwide recall of frozen strawberries due to contamination with the hepatitis A virus. DPH has learned that Sysco, the Wisconsin distributor of these berries, has already contacted the vast majority of customers who received the recalled product. If your facility has been contacted because you have received the recalled berries, the Wisconsin Division of Public Health recommends: If the recalled frozen strawberries have not been served to residents or staff within the past 14 days, any remaining product should be discarded and no further action is needed. There is no need for facilities to notify their local health department if no one consumed the berries in the last two weeks. If the berries have been consumed within the past 14 days, CDC recommends providing post exposure prophylaxis (hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin) to unvaccinated people who have eaten the recalled strawberries. Please notify your medical director immediately and also contact your local health department to inform them of your situation. Your local health department can provide information on the post exposure regimen as summarized on the CDC’s web page devoted to this recall (  

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DQA Memo Nov 5, 2017

Division of Quality Assurance: Notifications & Updates ATTN: All Regulated Health and Residential Care Providers Reporting to the Division of Quality Assurance via Select Survey Online reporting available through Select Survey has been temporarily taken offline to address technical issues. Department of Health Services staff are working on resolving the issues. We anticipate that online reporting through Select Survey will not be available for part of this next week. In the meantime, please report information/incidents to DQA as needed using other contact information available at: Complaints Concerning Health or Residential Care in Wisconsin Caregiver Misconduct Reporting and Investigating Requirements We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

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  • CNA Staffing Shortage – Do One Thing Campaign CNA Staffing Shortage – Do One Thing Campaign

    CNA Staffing Shortage – Do One Thing Campaign

CNA Staffing Shortage – Do One Thing Campaign

Below you will find a timeline of some of the events that have taken place in an effort for the Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council to bring awareness to the CNA staffing crisis. In 2016 the WDONC embarked on an effort to fix one piece of the complex puzzle that has put Wisconsin in a severe CNA staffing crisis. Currently, we are working with a second legislative body to try an bring the regulation for hours of instructional training in line with the federal standard of 75-hours. Thank you to WHCA and LeadingAgeWI for spearheading this effort. Also, thank you to Rep. Petryk from District 93 who has worked with his assembly and senate colleagues to bring this bill to life. It would not be where it is without their leadership on this issue. ___________________________________________________________________________ January 15, 2020 AB-76 was brought to the Assembly floor for a vote to override the veto of Governor Evers on the CNA Training Hours Bill.    Last year, the bill had bipartisan support in the Assembly and passed the Senate unanimously.  We would like to thank Rep. Warren Petryk – District 93 for his work since 2016 in bringing this bill to life and his continued belief that our providers need action that moves the needle.  You can listen to the archived press conference were Rep. Petryk discusses the override. HERE Nov. 20, 2019 Governor Evers vetos AB 76. View the joint provider Press Release on the Veto of AB76 that would have helped address the CNA Workforce Shortage Oct. 9th, 2019 AB-76 passed on a 3-2 party-line vote in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee: — GOP-Testin, Kooyenga, and Jacques voting yes; — Dem-Erpenbach and Carpenter voting no. […]

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Symposium Exhibitor Registration Open

Registration is open for the 2017 Symposium Exhibitor Showcase. Early registration ends Sept. 30th, 2016.

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Statement on the Passing of Kitty Rhoades

The Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council was deeply saddened to hear of Secretary Kitty Rhoades passing.  She has been a long-time supporter of the long-term care continuum community.  Since her time in the House of Representatives she has been a passionate advocate for healthcare, especially long-term care.  She has accomplished big goals as Health and Human Services Secretary.  Her leadership will be greatly missed.  I was honored to call you my friend. Joey Pettis RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC Executive Director Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council – Education Forum, Inc.

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Nursing License Plate

On March 30, 2016 Gov. Walker signed into law Wisconsin Act 328. The law allows for the issuing a specialty license plate for nurses. The proceeds from the license plate will go to a fund called the Wisconsin Nurses’ Education Fund, that will be established by the Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives. The distribution of funds would be determined by an Advisory Council of the Nurses’ Education Fund comprised of several Nursing Organizations. The anticipated cost of the plate is $40.00; there will be a $15.00 issuance fee and $25.00 annual donation to the Wisconsin Nurses’ Education Fund. The  license plate is expected to be available for purchase next year. Thank all of our members who contacted their legislator asking for support.  Your voice made a difference! To view Wisconsin Act 328 please go to:

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Five-Star Rating Update

The shared documents are a Five-Star Rating Update of how our facilities are scored in the Five-Star Rating system. The first document called “ Five-Star Quality Rating State- Level Cut Point Table” shares information on each state and where the percentile cuts are for each of the 5 stars.  Note that each state is only allowed a certain percent of five-star facilities. The second document is a spread sheet.  It shows each facility in each state, the staffing hours that were reported, and how they are adjusted. This is information is interesting and sometimes gets buried in our emails.  We wanted you to have one-click access to this information if you find it interesting or helpful. Cut Point Table​  Download Staffing Excel File: Five-Star Quality Rating CMS webpage Have a great Thanksgiving! Joey Pettis RN, DON-CLTC, WCC, DWC Executive Director  |  WI Director of Nursing Council

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DQA Memo: Acute Respiratory Illness Outbreaks in LTC Facilities

This memo regarding Reporting, Prevention and Control of Acute Respiratory Illness Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Facilities has been sent to the long term care care facilities through the Division of Quality Assurance. While this is an extensive listserve, due to the importance of this memo, Thomas Haupt, Influenza Surveillance Coordinator, has requested we share this memo with our listserve.   Memo from DQA… Attn: Long-Term Care Facilities FYI / Reporting, Prevention and Control of Acute Respiratory Illness Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Facilities The Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health (DPH) has issued the attached memo regarding reporting, prevention and control of acute respiratory illness outbreaks in long-term care facilities. This memo is intended as guidance to medical and administrative staff of long-term care facilities in Wisconsin. It is left to the discretion of facility staff whether to use this guidance wholly or in part, or to use recommendations from another source to prevent and control respiratory illness in their facility. Guidance marked “required” is mandatory per Wisconsin State Statue 252 or Wisconsin Administrative Code DHS 145. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Thomas Haupt, Influenza Surveillance Coordinator, at 608-266-5326 or ​

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CMS Proposed Changes

CMS Proposed Substantial Changes to Skilled Nursing Facilities Regulations On July 13, CMS put forth significant PROPOSED rule changes that would affect skilled nursing facilities. The proposed rule changes span 403 pages and include significant revisions and additions. At this point in the review of the lengthy document the following areas (but are not limited to) are of great significance and concern: o More extensive Infection Control Requirements that would require a designated Infection Prevention and Control Officer with training in infection prevention and control beyond their initial license. o Facility must include on their interdisciplinary team a qualified mental health professional in the care planning process for residence diagnosed with mental health conditions or prescribed psychotropic drugs. o Center may not use on any basis any person (employee, contract, or agency) that does not meet competency requirements. o QAPI The executive summary of the propsed changes states, “These proposals are also an integral part of our efforts to achieve broad-based improvements both in the quality of health care furnished through federal programs, and in patient safety, while at the same time reducing procedural burdens on providers.” Nowhere in the 403 page document are their proposed changes that would reduce burdens on providers. What can you do? There are 3 Calls to Action: 1. Be Informed! Read the document. 2. Please get as many people to submit individual comments DIRECTLY to CMS by Sept. 14, 2015. Below are the instructions from the CMS memo. In commenting, please refer to file code CMS-3260-P. Because of staff and resource limitations, we cannot accept comments by facsimile (FAX) transmission. You may submit comments in one of four ways (please choose only one of the ways listed): A. […]

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4 Reasons to Attend this Year’s Long Term Care Nursing Workshop 2015

4 Reasons to Attend this Year’s Long Term Care Nursing Workshop 2015 Educational Topics –   The topics at Workshop are not just presentations. They are designed to engage the attendees. These topics are providing you the value for your limited dollars and some productive time away from your job. This year’s presenters are have proven to be leaders in their field and have excellent speaking evaluations. The sessions will be interactive and hands-on. Networking at its Best – No one “Gets You” like those nursing professionals who do what you do every day. Make new connections with people from around the state. You will be able to engage with those individuals, ask questions, and learn things from others that you didn’t even know you needed. The relaxing, laid back environment of the Heidel House is the perfect location to encourage mingling with others. Relaxation and Fun at the Heidel House Resort & Boat Cruise – The Heidel House is located on shores of Green Lake. The gorgeous, green hue of the water over the large lake is the perfect backdrop to a sunset boat cruise. Enjoy the outdoors in September on any of the balconies at their restaurants and bars. The appetizers and boat cruise are Thanks to Thrifty White Pharmacy for sponsoring this networking event like none we have ever done before. Need a little something extra? Take an extra break and treat yourself at the Evensong Spa and receive a discount on their services. Vendor Show – Exhibitors of the Vendors Shows continuously speak highly of the attendees of the Vendor Shows and come back year-after-year. They are always impressed with how attendees continuously engage them and ask questions about their services. You […]

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