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We invite you to become a member of our organization if you are a…

  • Director of Nursing
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Vendor to the LTC Continuum

  • Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Education Coordinator
  • Long Term Health Care Professional, RN, MD

  • Administrator
  • MDS Coordinator

Receive the maximum benefit from your dues dollar: Your membership dues are shared by Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council & Education Forum to provide maximum benefit to our members by supporting additional educational opportunities.  We also fund nursing scholarships for students interested in long term care.

Benefits of Membership

Vital education with member discounts:

  • Weekly Support Calls
  • Weekly Membership Newsletter
  • Annual Symposium
  • Fall Long-Term Care Workshop
  • Online Networking and Discussion Boards
  • LTC Nursing Leadership Course
  • Peer-to-Peer Conference Connections
  • Access to our on-line Member List
  • Networking / Mentoring

Membership Levels

Professional Membership

become a member $79.00 annually

Any licensed Registered Nurse who is currently or has previously served in a position as Director or Assistant or Associate Director or Consulting Director of Nursing within the long term care continuum and/or who serves or has served in a long term care facility. “Continuum” is defined as, but not limited to: Subacute care, long-term care trauma, CBRF, facility based home health, or long term care pediatrics.

Benefits include banding together with several hundred others in management/supervisory nursing roles for strength on LTC issues; Continuing Education units earned at Symposium and Workshops throughout the year, plus reduced registration fees for education and training related to your career and personal development. You will also be able to access the Members Only links on the website –Membership List, Discussion Group. By holding a Professional Membership, you will be a voting member of the organization. This is an individual membership and belongs to the member regardless of their organization affliation during the course of their membership term.

Facility Membership

become a member  $129 annually

All members of the same facility or organization benfefit like that of a professional membership. This membership belongs to the facility.  Each facility is allowed one vote per facility membership.

Associate Membership

become a member $50 annually

Professionals in the LTC healthcare continuum, such as RN, MD, Pharmacist, Consultants, Educators including Professional Health Care Associations who are involved in the health care field and who are interested in supporting the goals and objectives of this corporation.

Associate Members are those who are not eligible to be Professional Members but wish to support the work of the DON Council and long term care. This would be a non-voting membership, but would enable you to receive reduced registration fees for education opportunities and to access the Members Only links on the website — Membership List, Discussion Group.

Corporate Membership

become a member

Any corporate or LLC organization that manages multiple centers/facilites under a unified management structure can become a corporate member and have each facility/center recieve the benefits of membership. Each center/facility would recieve the benefits of membership as listed under the facility membership category.

Cost for 3-5 facilities/centers is $259
6-10 facilites/centers is $509
11-20 facilities/centers is $759
21+ facilities/centers is $999

Call 877.366.1144 x 1 to recieve corporate membership for your facilities/centers.

Student Membership

become a member $10 annually

Nursing student who wishes to become involved in the long-term care continuum. Must register with a valid .edu school email address. Student Membership renewal length is 4 years maximum.

Business Partner Membership

become a member $150 annually

Exhibitors and Suppliers to the Long-Term Care industry. Any interested professional or nonprofessional involved in providing services or products to the long-term care industry.

This is a non-voting membership. Be aware that our Board of Directors has determined that our membership list is not available for general sales solicitation, but rather may be used as a tool to educate and stay in touch with current customers.

Please contact Melissa Montgomery to learn more about the Business Membership, Benefits, and Pricing.